Girlie CampA Girlie Camp is a yearly education camp Brought to you by Sumayyah Foundation to take teenage girls aged between 16-19 through;
1. Positive Body Language
2. Sexual Assault awareness
3. Guidelines for Medical and Legal for Victims of Sexual Assualt
4. Mental Health Awareness

Sumayyah Foundation is collaborating with us, House call Medics, and Yashim Butende, a lead consultant at Yashfem consultancy, a social-economic rights consultant and international human rights lawyer.

Is it an only Female event? No. Men are welcome.

We believe that men need to be present to learn from the presentations and conversations around sexual assault from women’s point of view to better understand the challenges that women face, self evaluate, extend empathy and become allies.
9:00am to 4:00pmNairobi, Kenya
Wama Africa Health and Burns First Aid TalkThe talk was centred around physical health and wellness, mental health and wellness, and social and spiritual wellness. We were able to teach and demonstrate to the staff the different causes of burns and how to manage them in an acute setting as the staff handled fire and hot food at the kitchen level and while serving food to the customers.

We were privileged to have the presence of the Sumayyah Foundation. An organization that deals with Sexual wellness awareness, sexual assault awareness and positive body image. They were able to hold an interactive session with the staff and impact some useful knowledge them.
9:00amWama Africa

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